3rd Eye Photographers – Best Professional Product Photographers in Bangalore.


Established in 2010 by group of young people who were looking the creativity as a way of life and begun practicing the art of Photography.

Offer wide range of photography services to meet our client’s needs – Product Photography, Candid Photography, Food Photography Events and Birthdays Photos, Parties, Interior shoots, Industrial shoots and more.

Product photography is something which we are reputed for We have been doing the product photography since the e-commerce boom. Over a period of time we have handled more than 2lakh products. We have worked with all the leading e-commerce companies, Product Manufacturers, Advertising Agencies, Distributors and Retailers across India. Our Product Photography helps our clients in POS and our service is well appreciated by our clients.

Candid Photography offers an opportunity to capture the moment of life as we are since we don’t pretend to laugh or smile or cry but we are as our feeling. So it’s always good choice of you chooses to go for candid photography at special occasion. Your moments live with you for ever in the form of as image captured by our best candid photographer. We offer Candid shoots for the people who care more about their memories of special occasion with their loved ones whether it’s Pre-wedding photography or an engagement day or special occasion of their life “wedding Moments” which is remembered for their life time.

Events Photography is something everyone wish to have it because very moments in our life to be remembered and stored as memory so it helps you to capture the happening of an event.

Food Photography – Food preparation is an art likewise capturing the food images is also an art. The art is gaining momentum now with the digital age. Showcasing the food in the best possible manner brings lot more customers to your interest.

We handle every project as best as possible so that the client gets best result. We update our technology and equipment often to meet our client’s expectation. Talk to our photographers to come up with the right plan and budget to meet your needs,

Through our Traditional wedding Photography services we offer an opportunity to see the wedding moments from the beginning to end of the event through the wedding album and video where you search for your loved ones present made and cherish your memories.

We also undertake all Candid videos for all kind of occasion as well as corporate documentary or cooking, Etc.

We do not share our client’s information with any third party under any circumstances. Our client trust us cent on this. We talk to our clients understand their needs so that we can plan our production value and the time it would take to complete the assignments from the beginning to end.

If you have any Photography related inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time. Our team would love to hear from you.