About us

3rd Eye is a team of professionals with the purpose of making you see the world a bit differently through photography.

We have worked with leading E-commerce Companies, Bakers and Sweet Shops, Star Hotels, Event Management Companies.

In the field of product photography for eCommerce companies we have photographed over a 2lakh products of various categories that includes Branded food products, Non-food Products, Fruits and vegetables, Meats Sweets, Staples, Household articles Etc.

We also have a team of 3 Candid Photographers who can make any event memorable with Candid Shots (Weddings, Engagements, Pre-Wedding, Post-Wedding, Birthday’s, Get-Together, Corporate Events, Etc.)

Be it candid shots, or highly technical shots, weddings, events, or any occasion you’d want to remember vividly, we have the skills and the equipment for it.

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